Become a Top Performer

Become a Top Performer.⁣

No matter what the goal you are chasing is, there are clear and often overlooked principles that, if implemented, will help you better you chances of you ending up where you want to be.⁣

These are not ground breaking, and some would even consider these "simple" or "basic".⁣

That is why they are so important.⁣

Without the basic groundwork and fundamentals there can be no greater levels of complexity.⁣

Think of these principles as beacons for your future success.⁣

If you can keep your actions and thoughts between the buoys you will find that the path to success gets more clear.⁣

If you ignore these foundational principles, the trip starts to get very rough and you can easily find yourself off target and lost.⁣

1.) Be clear with your goals. Cut out the crap and rid yourself of anything less than crystal clear.⁣



2.) Your goals need to be challenging enough to motivate you to rise to the occasion. If they are too hard you will get discouraged. If they are too easy then they will not hold your attention. ⁣

3.) Secure your own (or your teams) commitment to the process. Without buy in then you are destined to fail because if deep down you do not trust the process then the process will not work.⁣

4.) Measure your progress and collect feedback from your experiences but also from coaches, trainers, or trusted objective third parties. We can get blind to our own bias and sometimes need another set of eyes to show us what is really going on.⁣

5.) Hardship will happen. No path to a goal is ever linear or without faults and failures. The key is to understand that and when you fail, fail forward and learn something from the experience. You will get knocked down but you only fail if you don't get back up.⁣

Move Better.
Feel Better.
Live Better.


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