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Welcome to Practice Movement and Recovery!

Practice for short.

Practice was born out of a necessity to help people to move better, feel better, and live the lives of their dreams.

This can be seen as a different outcome for different people.

This can look like an athlete looking to boost their performance in their sport or to hit a particular performance goal on the field, court, or platform.

This can look like a client looking to get out of low back pain where they have been told they have the spine of an “80-year-old”.

This can look like a client who is just getting out of rehab who is not quite ready for what they used to do but they are not quite hurt enough for physical therapy.

This can also look like someone who is just trying to feel better each and every day by losing weight and taking control of their health and body.

All of these situations are very different but they all have a common thread in common.  That common thread is that in order for a particular goal for the body to be reached there needs to be a mental commitment to the task and a physical commitment to building up the necessary skills that lead you there.

This is where Practice Movement and Recovery comes in.  Our team of coaches are there to help you develop a principles-based program and provide you the structure to facilitate your growth in a safe, clean, and supportive environment designed  to build up your capabilities and skill development to maximize your true potential and crush your goals!

Practice is not just about the physical.  We are firm believers in the old adage of “If you give someone a fish, they eat that day, but if you teach someone to fish, they eat for a lifetime.”  We want to educate you on all things YOU.  How your body moves, what areas you should focus on, how best to reach your goals, and how we can work together to reach them. 

We want to equip you with the knowledge and skills to train yourself!

Seems like a poor business model right?

You see, we believe that if we can help educate and facilitate growth then we are doing our part to help change the world for the better and to help as many people as we can.  We do not want you to be a client for life, needing us to make decisions for you, or to be your health and wellness gurus.  We want you to be empowered and educated enough to be able to train your own body and mind that you DO NOT need us but instead WANT to keep coming back!

This is not just for those who live in Rhode Island.  Practice offers a full lineup of online services from consultations to get a better understanding of how to train or help yourself, to program design, and full one on one remote coaching opportunities.  All of these services are handled with the same level of care and expertise as you would find in person but just on a digital platform.

With our partnership with TrainHeroic, we are able to efficently and effectively deliver our high quality programming and training protocols right to your mobile device.  This also allows us to interact in real time with our clients and athletes during their sessions to be able to provide written and video feedback on their training.

No matter what brought you to us, we are glad you are here and the fact of the matter is no matter if you are interested in remote coaching for a powerlifting meet, or a low back assessment to help you get rid of your pain, the only way you are going to succeed is through having the right attitude, commiting to the process, and putting in the Practice!

If you have any questions or are looking for any of our services please feel free to reach out to us!

Thank you for your time!

Samuel Brown 


Practice Movement and Recovery LLC

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